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During Advent in Effingham at Our Lady of Sorrows Church we were fortunate to have Fr Stephen (a former astrophysicist) give three talks on Science and Christianity. These were very well supported and can be viewed on the Parish’s website homepage  

 To hear a talk click on the talk’s title
1 The myth of conflict: Galileo and the Bible        and the Q & As 
A First Cause: The chicken, the egg and the Big Bang      and the Q & As
 A Cosmic Designer: Evolution and the Multiverse   and the Q & As
To download the Powerpoint presentations click on the talk number then select slideshow – from the beginning. Click to sequence through the slides. NB You will need Powerpoint installed on your computer.
Talk1 , Talk2 , Talk3  

Churches Together -Women’s Breakfast – Saturday 15 June in St Lawrence Church Hall.

with guest speaker: Carmel Plumpton on Life as a Transgender Person

The first Churches Together women’s breakfast held at St Lawrence’s Hall was a resounding success. Many thanks to Carmel Plumpton  who gave an  account of her transgender journey. Thanks also to the men who provided the excellent breakfast. 

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