A quick reference for those working within the Methodist Church

What to do if you have concerns about possible abuse:

  1. Consult the person to whom you are responsible.
  2. Decide together whether to seek advice or to make an immediate referral.
  3. Keep a record of what happened, your concerns and your actions.
  4. Tell your minister and/or safeguarding representative.
  5. Only tell others that need to know.

In an emergency respond immediately

Responding to a child, young person, parent or other adult who shares with you about abuse:

  1. Never promise to keep a secret.
  2. React calmly; be aware of your non-verbal messages.
  3. Don’t stop someone who is talking freely about what has happened.
  4. Don’t ask leading questions.
  5. Reassure the person they have done the right thing by telling you.
  6. Avoid making comments or judgements.
  7. Tell the person what will happen next.
  8. Record using the person’s own words and noting any important dates and times.
  9. Report to the person to whom you are responsible, your minister and/or safeguarding representative

Remember good practice:

  • Treat everyone with respect, setting a positive example.
  • Respect peoples personal space.
  • Ensure your actions cannot be misinterpreted.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour in a constructive way.
  • Do not put yourself or other people in vulnerable situations.
  • Do not have inappropriate physical contact with others.
  • Always share safeguarding concerns.


for the full safeguarding Framework and policies

many useful resourses, including research studies and fact sheets

a freephone confidential helpline for people with concenrs about child sexual abuse which gives advice, support, information Tel 0808 1000 900

The Methodist Church children and youth webpage

Contact details:


Revd Kim Plumpton

Tel No. 07932 586988 e-mail

Safeguarding Officers:

Church Officer for Children: Pat Crawford

Tel. No. 01372 456625 e-mail

Church Officer for Vulnerable Adults: Angele Putland

Tel. No. 01372 454850 email the

Circuit Officer: Angie Choat

Tel. No. 07795 730622 email

District Officer: Mrs Phillippa Read

Tel. No. 0300 470 9100

Local Children’s services 0300 470 9100

Local Adult Social Care Services 0300 470 9100

Local Adult Social Care Out of Hours Services 01483 517898

Local Police Public Protection Unit 101 or 999